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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upcoming MarketingSherpa Email Summit '09.....

Two weeks from tomorrow I hop on a plane to Miami to meet up with my email partner in crime, Hal Seltzer, as we prepare for this year's MarketingSherpa Email Summit. We'll have two days of sushi, preparations and discussions as we decide how to get the most from the following Summit.

Over the next three days, we'll complete the professional certification workshop, attend 5 general sessions ranging from the impact of email on social media marketing, list growth and behavior modeling intended to help get the right message to the right recipient and the right time. Hal and I will divide and conquer the available 24 breakout sessions covering all the top issues facing email marketers and email service providers.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for exchanging ideas with our peers not withstanding a "Gala" at the Bongos Cuban Cafe Monday night, where I'm sure the proprietor, Gloria Estefan, will be at the front door to greet Hal and I.

We'll be taking special notes throughout so that when we return, we can blog about the highlights and share the juicy bits. Until then.....don't do anything to upset your "reputation".


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