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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Introducing Bloggerette Barb Nolley!

I'm happy to introduce our readers to Barb Nolley. Barb has agreed to take the responsibility for overseeing the content of the All Web Email blog and writing about all subjects relevant to email marketing and valuable to our readers. A few of the articles Barb is currently cooking up include Feed Back Loops (FBLs) and why they're important, Spam Traps and how to avoid them, and factors that affect your Sender Reputation.

While blogging is new to Barb, technical writing is her forte. She comes to us with a long career in technical writing and a resume that requires an engineering dictionary accompaniment. Her technical areas of expertise involve Networking and Data Communications including two-way satellite communications. Her clients include the likes of Cisco Systems, Novell, Apple Computer and MCI. Along with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, her certifications include Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Certified NetWare Instructor (CNI) and Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE). I know this is only a summary of her capabilities, but they are the only bits I could understand from her long resume.

Welcome Barb!

If you'd like to hear what Barb has to say about a certain topic, send your suggestion to her directly at


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