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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who needs a Yahoo! ecommerce website developer anyways?!

By: Brandi Pabian

Well, to be honest, you do. Industry standards are always changing, and you may fall through the cracks if you don’t stay up to date with what consumers want. Yahoo! Ecommerce website developers can help you create your desired look, feel and features as well as keep you up to date on industry standards, all of which help to increase conversion rates and thus your sales.

Ask yourself some crucial questions about your current website:

Have you looked really closely at your site lately? Does it portray your company's essence? Is it user-friendly? Are you sure about that? When is the last time you caught up on today's standard of website design? I'm sure your site is wonderful. If it wasn't, would you be making the sales that you do?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it may be time to inquire about a Yahoo! Ecommerce store, and see if it is right for you.

The Yahoo! Store Ecommerce platform is organized and user friendly. It is easy to manage your items, maintain your pages and process your orders. As with most things in this world, there is always room for improvement! A clever, sneaky and curious website designer went behind the scenes of a simple, normal Yahoo! store and customized it to be just a bit better. More and more designers started doing the same thing and before you knew it - WOOHOO! - custom Yahoo! Stores were created. Yahoo! customized stores allow you to express your creativity, portray an individualized feeling and increases the user-friendliness of your website. In essence, a customized Yahoo! store becomes more like the individual you and your company are.

The Yahoo! Ecommerce platform is used by many world-wide. They have approximately 24 different "themes" that you can choose from when designing your own site. Now imagine that 1,000,000 people have all chosen a Yahoo! store with a standard template (you being one of them). How many people of those 1 million will choose the exact same template as yours? Most likely, it would be quite a few. Customers will get bored with seeing the same repetitious layouts on all these sites, because they want variety and personalization. Your Developer will help you express your creativity through imaginative design. The Developer can move bits and pieces of the standard templates to other areas of the store. Instead of the search box being directly under the store logo, we can move it to the upper right hand corner of the header. Instead of showing just one picture on the homepage, we can display many. Our company (yes, we have to put a plug in for us) have both graphic designers and website developers that can get the store to display your creativity.

Everyone is different. Every company has an essence or, "feel" about them that they try to convey. With a professional website developer, we can help you choose colors, layout and images to get the feeling your company is looking to portray. If you are a skin care company, you may want a soft, breezy, beautiful website to show an essence of beauty and cleanliness. If you are a skateboard company, you may want to show a more fun, rugged side of your personality, with darker colors mixed among bright colors. A professional website designer, along with a creative graphics designer, can get this done for you. They will personalize your site to show your customers a company that will provide them with excellent products and be attentive to their need to do business with a site they can trust. Just like having a physical store, you would want your store to portray who you are and what you do, and your website should be no different.

Okay, so now you have a beautiful looking site that shows your creativity and personality, but it doesn't have some of the necessary features your customers may want to use. What if you need to show more than two pictures for a product? What if the conventional way the Yahoo! store enlarges your images isn't good enough? What if you need extra text at the bottom of the site? A professional website developer can add in these extra features for you. They can also suggest additional features that, through testing, have proven to be more effective at converting sales.

The industry standards for building Yahoo! stores are always changing. When did you open your website? When was your last redesign? Are you sure you're using the correct coding to make the most out of your business online? Quite frankly, you run a successful online store; you have employees to run, bills to pay, inventory to order and books to keep. Do you really have the time it takes to keep up with changing technology? Probably not, but that's what designers are for. We learn, create and update today's website standards on a daily basis. That's what we get paid for and we love seeing your store successfully upgraded to the newest level.

So, by now, you should be convinced that you need a website developer for your Yahoo! store because we can customize your store to your needs, implement features that your customers need and we take off some of the pressure of being current and up to date. These are just a few of the reason why you may need a website developer for your store, so why don't you go ahead and give us a call and we can speak more directly about your needs and determine what would really make your website stand out against the world.


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